FAQ – frequently asked questions about SonoWin

Due to its modular structure SonoWin can be customized to fit your individual needs. Please contact our support team for further information and a specific proposal.

Yes, you can apply for a trial installation. Please contact our sales and marketing department.

You can connect all DICOM compatible devices as well as older analog imaging devices.

Minimum requirements for servers:

System Windows Server 2008 or 2012 (32 or 64bit möglich)
CPU 2x INTEL Xeon X5690@3,47 GHz (better 4)
LAN 100 MBit
HDD 40 GB for program, database, and temporary current day data
Archive size depends on number of connected devices

Minimum requirements for clients

System Windows 7 and upwards
Hardware already existing computers can be used

No software is installed on the client computers. Only a link to the program is created.


ADT – Admission Discharge Transfer
ORM – Order Message


ORU – Observation Result Unsolicited
MDM – Medical Document Management
BAR – Billing Account Record
DFT – Detailed Financial Transaction
ORR – Order Response